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Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring


At First Floors Carpet One Floor & Home we consider our pets to be members of our families, and that means sharing our living spaces. Having a floor that can withstand the pitter-patter of paws and the occasional puppy accident can make all the difference. The great news is that you don’t have to compromise your decorating vision to accommodate your best, four-legged friends.  Here, you will encounter all sorts of pet-friendly flooring options, representing both hard surface and soft surface. Visit our showrooms in Dallas and Waxahachie, TX to learn more about your many pet-friendly flooring choices. 


Benefits of Pet-friendly Flooring


You love your pets, but you also love your home. We feel that the two should never be mutually exclusive. With hard and soft surface flooring designed to repel moisture, stay free from snags and scratches, and hold its own against odors, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying family life. 



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