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Porcelain tile is a highly sought-after choice in residential and commercial settings because of its premium strength and durability. It can handle extreme levels of moisture and heat, and it will rarely, if ever, crack under heavy foot traffic or other external stresses. In fact, many porcelain tile options are suitable for outdoor areas such as patios.



When it comes to porcelain tile, nobody seems to do it better than Emser Tile. Why? Emser combines porcelain’s performance with natural, stylish appearances that can fit any home setting. Three of our favorite styles are Lucerne, Eurasia, and Strands.




Lucerne tiles from Emser Tile feature a glazed porcelain construction, so they can be installed anywhere in the home. But, although the tiles are made from real porcelain, they look like real travertine. This is especially important because travertine tile isn’t always the most durable option for high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. So, Lucerne makes it possible to add the beauty of travertine to areas where travertine isn’t always the best option.



Of course, if you do prefer real travertine, you can choose Travertine Bendio tiles from Emser. These real travertine tiles are honed and filled, so they are suitable as floor tile.




Like Lucerne tiles, Eurasia tiles do well to replicate the looks of natural stone. There are five different stone options available, including white and a few different browns. Eurasia tiles also have a glazed porcelain construction, so they can certainly add shine to any setting. Given the strong porcelain construction, Eurasia tiles can be installed in most commercial settings.




For a unique visual, take a look at the Strands collection. Strands tiles actually look like real fabric, but they, of course, offer porcelain’s strength and durability. Plus, Strands tiles are considered body match tiles, so they have a consistent color and pattern from top to bottom. As a result, scratches and scuffs will be less noticeable.



To learn more about Emser Tile, be sure to visit First Floors Carpet One Floor & Home in Dallas or Waxahachie. We have a great selection of tile brands.




Emser Tile

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