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Carpet Padding

Carpet Padding & Floor Underlayment


If you’re in the process of buying a new floor, you may be busy thinking about what style you want and how it will look in your home or business. However, there’s much more to consider than what you see at the surface level. Carpet padding and hard surface underlayments are a key part of your floor’s performance. At First Floors Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry a wide variety of innovative products that will enhance the function of your property, from adding comfort underfoot to noise control, mold and mildew prevention, insulation, and much more.


Benefits of Carpet Cushions & Floor Underlays


Whether you have a residential or commercial space, your carpet cushion or underlayment will play a significant role in the overall function of your flooring. For soft and hard surfaces, they add a layer of insulation that significantly enhances energy efficiency throughout the year. This can help put a dent in your energy bills, and keep you more comfortable during hotter and colder seasons.

Additionally, carpet cushions and underlayments promote better room acoustics by improving noise control. This is especially useful in busy settings like commercial spaces, or playrooms and nurseries. They also add softness underfoot and will lengthen the lifetime of your floors through damage prevention.


Our Product Selection


Finding the right carpet cushion or floor underlayment is a critical part of the floor shopping process. Fortunately, we have a large inventory of carpet cushions and supplies to choose from, and we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality and value possible. Our options include a range of top products from Future Foam®, a leading manufacturer of floor padding and underlayments. Our selection includes Sunguard, Spillmaster, Sound Byte, Prime Elegance, Platinum Plus, Pebble Blue, No Crush, HealthinEx®, Diamond, Dallas Special, and Berberguard.

Many of these options feature Future Foam’s SpillSafe Moisture Barrier Technology, which helps protect from spills and water damage. It also reduces odors and makes the clean up process easier and more effective. Our collections, including HealthinEx, also help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, and the spread of microbials like odor-causing bacteria.

All of Future Foam’s carpet cushions are 100% recyclable. Many of their products are also made from mostly recycled materials or eco-friendly options like virgin rubber. They’re also Green Label Plus and LEED certified so you can feel confident that your floor padding is healthy and not releasing dangerous chemicals into your indoor environment.

To learn more about carpet cushions and underlayments, plan a visit to one of our Texas showrooms in either Dallas or Waxahachie. Our experts are ready to assist you in your flooring journey, and help you find the right products for your space.



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