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Carpet in Texas

Love carpet but feel challenged by daily life with kids and pets? Today there are more carpet options than ever before. We carry a full inventory of carpet at First Floors Carpet One Floor & Home of Dallas and Waxahachie, TX. Learn more about carpet options near you, custom area rugs, and flooring installation services below.


What Type of Carpet Is Best?


Which carpet is right for your home or business? It depends on your space, your activity levels, and your style. The fibers weaving your carpet together play a significant role in the way your rug functions and feels. Carpet fibers or carpet pile can be synthetic or natural.







The carpet ‘s texture, or the way your rug is attached to its backing, plays a role in how your carpet performs over time, so it’s crucial to know what to expect with different carpet textures.





Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet isn’t your best bet for the bathroom or kitchen but can be used anywhere else. Consider your surroundings are you prepare for carpet installation. Stain-resistant, moisture-resistant products are a smart choice if you have pets or little kids. If comfort and elegance are your primary mission, a lush shag can work wonders in a master bedroom. These are just a few examples.


Consider Carpet Remnants & Area Rugs


Carpet remnants are the pieces of carpet that are leftover at the end of a roll, or after a commercial or home installation. They’re too small to use in a full-scale project but are sold at a discounted rate and have a variety of useful applications.



Carpet remnants are perfect for an assortment of projects. They can be bound and used as an area rug or custom cut stair runner. If they’re large enough, they’re perfect for covering individual rooms like nurseries or play spaces. They also provide extra protection for your floors if used as doormats or placed underneath shoe racks, furniture, and storage boxes. You can also use them inside of storage boxes as an added layer of protection for fragile items you want to keep safe.


Explore Our Carpet Selection


At First Floors Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re always several steps ahead of the latest décor trends, and we carry a wide range of carpet options. We offer all the leading carpet brands, like Karastan, along with incredible value and service. To learn more, please visit us soon at 10771 Estate Lane in Dallas, or at 2261 Highway 77 North in Waxahachie.




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Carpet Maintenance

Carpet Maintenance

Carpet maintenance seems daunting, but we're here to help. Browse our Flooring Guide to learn how to maintain your carpet.