Wood Look Tile

Durable tiles with authentic wood looks

Real Wood Looks

Are you looking for quality tile that looks like wood? First Floors Carpet One Floor & Home in Dallas and Waxahachie has you covered with a great selection of wood tile from popular brands such as Interceramic, Daltile, and Shaw.

Wood tile has become extremely popular in home settings because it gives you the opportunity to add authentic wood looks to areas where wood has rarely gone before: bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other areas with moisture. Plus, because of advances in digital printing, wood tile is virtually indistinguishable from real wood at first glance. In fact, most wood tile options are even available in planks! So, if you’re looking to add the style and luxury of wood to areas with moisture and heavy foot traffic, be sure to choose wood tile.

Let’s take a look at some of our featured wood tile options:

Interceramic Amazonia: Amazonia tiles from Interceramic are available in 4 unique wood looks: white, beige, grey, and brown. Also, the tiles come in 47” long planks. The wood visuals are certainly unquestioned, but the tiles do feature a glazed porcelain construction. As a result, they can be installed on kitchen and bathroom floors. Amazonia tiles have a high variation rating, meaning that the individual planks have different shades.

Interceramic Doga: In addition, Interceramic offers Doga tiles. Doga tiles are available in 5 different wood looks, and they come in 9”x36” planks. Unlike Amazonia tiles, Doga tiles have a color body porcelain construction, which means that they have a consistent color and pattern from top to bottom. Consequently, scratches and scuffs are less likely to show on the surface. Doga tiles do have a high variation rating like Amazonia tiles.

Shaw Dodge City: Dodge City tile planks from Shaw feature a ceramic tile construction, so they are extremely versatile when it comes to installation. They can, for example, be installed on floors in any area in the home. Dodge City tile planks are available in 24” lengths, and they look like real oak planks.

wood look tile