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Blinds are the most popular window treatment option in home settings

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First Floors Carpet One in Dallas and Waxahachie offers more than flooring; we also offer home products such as window blinds. Our featured brand is Royal Windows. Why should you add blinds to your home setting? Here are some reasons:

Light Regulation

Blinds have individual slats that can be opened and closed, so they can actually regulate (or control) light in a room. Other window treatment options, including shades, can block light, but they can’t regulate light. So, if you need extra sunlight in a room, you can open your blinds, but if you want to block sunlight, you can certainly close them.


Blinds are considered hard window treatments because they are made from strong materials such as wood or aluminum. As a result, blinds will last a long time in your home. Soft window treatments like curtains and drapes simply cannot offer this longevity.

Given this extra durability, blinds are easy to clean and maintain. For the most part, they only need to be routinely wiped to remove any dirt or dust from the surface.

Style Options

There are many different styles of blinds you can choose for your home. You can, for example, choose wood blinds for a natural look, but for something more modern, you can choose aluminum blinds. There are, as you can imagine, various colors available as well. In addition, blinds come in vertical and horizontal constructions.

Visit the Royal Windows website to learn more about its blind offerings.