Worry-free carpet from STAINMASTER


STAINMASTER carpet Dallas, TX

At First Floors Carpet One in Dallas and Waxahachie, we carry only the most reputable carpet brands in the industry. One of these brands is Bigelow STAINMASTER. Like any other STAINMASTER carpet, Bigelow STAINMASTER performs well and holds strong under any external pressures. Stains, spills, drops, and falls are all no match for the carpet.

Bigelow STAINMASTER’s strength and resiliency stem from its special type 6.6 nylon fibers. These fibers perform exceptionally well because of a tight molecule structure and high twist level. As a result, the fibers are really difficult to stain, as dirt, dust, and other particles do not stick. Plus, the unique fiber construction means that the carpet has tremendous appearance retention even with heavy foot traffic. So, even if children and pets run through your living room with dirty shoes, your Bigelow STAINMASTER carpet will look good as new after a quick clean.

The type 6.6 fibers are not the only STAINMASTER differentiators; the stain protection is important as well. All STAINMASTER carpets are treated with an exclusive stain protection that is permanent. It will never wash away from the carpet because it is chemically bonded with heat. What does this all mean? Your new Bigelow STAINMASTER carpet will be protected from stains forever!