Patterned Carpet

Add style to your home or office with a patterned carpet

What Is Patterned Carpet? 

As your neighborhood carpet experts, we at First Floors Carpet One in Dallas and Waxahachie offer one of the area’s best selections. We especially love our selection of patterned carpet. What exactly is patterned carpet?

Patterned carpets are, to put it plainly, carpets that have surface designs and patterns. These patterns can be simple or intricate, ranging from basic striped designs to complex plaid designs. No matter which pattern you choose, there will certainly be a wide range of colors of which you can take advantage. Patterned carpets contrast with plain carpets, which have uniform colors.

As you can probably imagine, patterned carpets are some of the most versatile when it comes to design. With so many different styles and colors from which you can choose, no design is considered off limits! Plus, because patterned carpets have surface designs, stains and normal wear and tear will certainly be less noticeable.

Where Should Patterned Carpet Be Used?

Patterned carpet, like other carpet types, can be installed in bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and other areas where moisture isn’t an issue. We, however, recommend choosing patterned carpet for small to mid-sized areas such as bedrooms, stairways, and hallways. Patterned carpet will help you add unique style to these areas, and, if you choose the right pattern, the carpet can make the area appear to be larger. If you do choose to install patterned carpet in a room, make sure to partner it with neutral furniture and wall coverings.

In addition, patterned carpet can be used to create fashionable area rugs. Choosing a patterned rug is an easy way to add extra style to your home setting. We love adding patterned runner rugs in hallways!

Our Selection

We offer a great selection of patterned carpets, but our two featured brands are Kane and Tuftex.