Mirage Hardwood

Award-winning hardwood from Mirage

Mirage Hardwood

We at First Floors Carpet One certainly understand hardwood’s allure. Hardwood floors offer natural beauty and luxury, and they all seem to have characters of their own. We are pleased to offer a selection of hardwood from Mirage flooring. Mirage specializes only in hardwood, so it truly has become one of the industry’s leading experts. In fact, it has consistently won awards from Floor Covering Weekly, Floor Focus, and Floor Covering News!

Mirage’s overall hardwood collection includes multiple style and design options. You can choose different colors, wood species, surface textures, and glosses to fit your design needs. Also, for extra stability, Mirage offers engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is more dimensionally-stable than solid hardwood, but it has the same natural appearance. Be sure to check out Mirage’s selection of moldings as well. It offers engineered, lock, classic, and multifunction moldings.

When it comes to sustainability and eco friendliness, Mirage is without a doubt an industry leader. Like other hardwood options, Mirage hardwood floors are hypoallergenic, which means that they do not trap dust, dirt, or other particles. This, especially when coupled with Mirage’s chemical-free finishes, contributes to a healthier living environment. Plus, Mirage follows strict environmental guidelines in its manufacturing processes. It, for example, limits its environmental impact by emphasizing wood recycling, renewable energy such as wind, and domestic wood species.

Be sure to visit our Dallas or Waxahachie showroom to check out our Mirage hardwood selection!