Laminate in Dallas and Waxahachie

Laminate flooring continues to be a popular choice for residential and commercial settings because, although it looks like real hardwood, it offers premium wear resistance. How does laminate combine natural looks with extra performance?

Laminate, unlike hardwood, is made from different layers that are permanently fused together. The top layer, which is referred to as the wear layer, acts like a protective coating for the laminate planks, and it prevents scratches, scuffs, and other surface blemishes. Laminate therefore does not need to be refinished or resealed like hardwood. Underneath the wear layer is the decorative layer, which includes a high-definition wood visual. This layer provides laminate with its authentic wood look.

More importantly, laminate flooring has core and base layers that provide exceptional dimensional stability to the planks. The core layers, for example, are strong and rigid, so they prevent laminate planks from collapsing under heavy foot traffic. The core layers also provide some moisture resistance, so laminate planks will not expand or contract in moist conditions. For extra support, laminate planks have base layers that function as ultra-durable bottom layers.

Our Laminate Selection

Visit First Floors Carpet One in Dallas and Waxahachie to take a look at the area’s best laminate flooring selection. We offer styles from Laminate for Life, which is a Carpet One exclusive brand. Learn more about Laminate for Life.

Also, we offer the Mannington Restoration Collection.

What about installation? As part of our flooring services, we’ll work with you to handle laminate flooring installation. Our installers can handle any laminate installation option!

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