Hardwood Maintenance

Keep your hardwood floors clean and shiny

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are certainly noted for their beauty. In fact, nothing else can provide the warmth and shine of a refinished hardwood floor. But, this beauty must not last long, right? We’re here to tell you that with some general maintenance, the beauty of hardwood floors can actually last for a long time.  

Hardwood cleaning is definitely the most useful form of maintenance. You should sweep floors at least once a day to remove dust and dirt, especially since dust and dirt can sometimes scratch the surface or even damage the wood finish. It’s also important to wipe up liquid spills immediately to avoid stains or warping. Once a week it might be useful to dry mop the floors using a specialized treatment approved by the specific manufacturer. A canister vacuum with a special bare floor attachment can be used as an alternative.

Damp mopping is a more advanced option that can deep clean hardwood floors, but it should only be done if it adheres to manufacturer regulations. Be sure to use a neutral pH cleaner that’s approved for wood floors, and make sure the mop isn’t too wet before cleaning the floors. Damp mopping can be done once a week.

There are also a few best practices that should be followed in addition to the general cleaning. You should use floor mats at room entrances to avoid sand and dirt from reaching the floor. Area rugs also might be helpful. Also, avoid water and other liquids in rooms with hardwood floors because spills can cause damage to the finish. When moving furniture in these rooms, be sure to use felt contacts under the furniture legs to avoid scratches and dents. Finally, use window treatments such as curtains and blinds to limit direct sunlight on the floors. Direct sunlight can result in discoloration over time.

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