• Jun 22, 2016
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Summer Decor

Summer Decor Ideas Articles

Let summer décor brighten your home and your mood with a few of these accessory ideas:

Party Time

When entertaining having low tables and floor pillows can create a more intimate feel.

Untitled designPhoto Credit: Better Homes and Garden

Be Organic

Add an organic touch by placing plants and shells around the house to add texture and character. You can even put greenery in the shells for a beach vibe.

Untitled design

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Garden

Light It Up

String lights or lanterns outside can be both functional and festive. Whether, you're using them for decoration or defining a pathway, lights will help you light up the night and while adding some romance.

Untitled design

Photo Credit: Edison Patio String Lights from batteryopperatedcandles.

Summer Scents

For a continuous seasonal touch in your home, switch out scents as the seasons change.

Interior Design by_ Melissa Davis

Wall Art

Make a room feel brighter with colorful wall art. If you have a dark wall, make it more exciting with bright pictures or paintings.

Interior Design by_ Kate Davidson

Fresh Flowers

Make your home cheery, fun, and beautiful with freshly picked flowers that add a great smell and look to your space.

Interior Design by_ Catherine-Lucie Horber

Table Settings

Table settings are a great way to spruce up a table, they can add color and elegance to an otherwise bland space.

Interior Design by_ Catherine-Lucie Horber

Throw In Some Color

Giving your space a summer feel can be easy. Throwing a pillow or blanket on your couch can be all it takes. Having bright and colorful pillows and blankets for those summer nights will be the perfect way to transform your space and get ready for a new season.

Interior Design by_ Catherine-Lucie Horber!

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