Armstrong Hardwood

Real hardwood floors that are specially-made for residential setttings

Armstrong Hardwood

As your neighborhood experts when it comes to hardwood, we at First Floors Carpet One in Dallas and Waxahachie offer one of the area’s widest selections. We, for example, offer a few different high-quality brands, one of which is Armstrong. Armstrong continues to be an industry leader because it does well to combine real wood looks with extra strength and support. As a result, Armstrong hardwood floors are perfect for home settings. Two of our favorite Armstrong collections are Beckford Plank and Beaumont Plank.

Beckford Plank

The Beckford Plank collection from Armstrong consists of real oak hardwood floors. These floors feature an engineered construction, so they are strong and stable enough for even busy home settings.

In addition, Beckford Plank hardwood floors are finished with Dura-Luster Plus Urethane. With this extra-durable finish, scratches and scuffs will not be an issue. Plus, with a 3/8” total thickness, the wood planks will remain strong against foot traffic.

Beckford Plank floors offer what Armstrong refers to as more board-to-board color variation. This means that some individual wood planks are darker than the others. What results is a more authentic appearance.

Beaumont Plank

Like Beckford Plank, the Beaumont Plank collection features oak floors. Beaumont Plank hardwood floors offer the same engineered construction as well, so they can be installed below, on, or above ground. For extra wear resistance, the floors have a HartGuard Deluxe finish system.

Beaumont Plank floors, unlike Beckford Plank floors, have a high gloss surface. The surface therefore has extra shine. Gloss also can help protect against scratches and other surface blemishes.

Be sure to visit us in Dallas or Waxahachie to learn more about our selection of Armstrong flooring.